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Royal Arms of Bowling Green Reviews

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"While I am no longer a resident, I always recommend Royal Arms to any of my friends who consult with me on Bowling Green apartment life. The location is one of the best in Bowling Green, close to plenty of food and downtown life as well as a quick drive to retail. The office and maintenance staff are always friendly and quick to respond, even to a light bulb change request. I haven't seen the interior myself but I have heard there have been lots of updates!"

- January 2018 by Jessica

"My husband and I moved to Royal Arms two years ago and we can't imagine living anywhere else. The office staff is always so welcoming and never hesitate to make a resident's need their top priority. Maintenance is hands down the best. From a broken water heater to a tricky door lock, we have always had a response within the hour. Joe and Larry even hung a flower basket for me once without request. Very dog friendly and beautiful place. Royal Arms is home to us."

- March 2016 by Sarah Snipes

"Royal Arms Apartments offers apartments unlike most in Bowling Green. With older white buildings that remind me of being near the beach and having a salt water pool it seemed like a really nice place to live. I have lived here a year now and they are close to some of the coolest things to do in Bowling Green. The property management is always at work keeping the property up to date and clean. They are pet Friendly and cooperative. Beautiful place to live and haven't regretted it once."

Review Received From: http://Apartments.com

- July 2015 by Unknown

"I have lived her for the past 2 years and LOVE it. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful (when I was out of town they fed my fish). There are quite a few elderly people, but I'm a graduate students and made lots of friends who were my age and elderly. The community is amazingly welcoming and friendly. The maintaince staff is always willing to help. I once locked myself out of my apartment at 10pm and they came from home to let me in free of charge. I have a little beagle and he absolutely loves it! It is very dog friendly. Many of the people around us have dogs, people in the community love dogs, and the staff loves him and lets him in the office building. The best part is the balcony. I have a million dollar view over looking the pool and Kayden loves to sit outside and watch the world. It is also in walking distance of the ballfields (0.5mi), downtown (1mi), campus (1.5mi), and the bowling green parkways (1.5mi). Its secluded but downtown. I don't have any complaints, my dog and I have loved living here. I'm graduating soon and moving from Bowling Green and I always say "I wish I could just pick up Royal Arms and move it to where I'm going""

- February 2015 by lauren 447

"The front staff are pretry great, and the apartments are nice. The grounds are always nice looking, buy the maintenance team are less than satisfactory. ."

- November 2014 by Anonymous

"The staff at Royal Arms are its crowning feature.Despite the facilities' age, you can tell that the management has given their best attention to their upkeep.The maintenance staff are good honest fellas that always follow through in a timely manner. The grounds are beautiful- especially the tree-lined entrance. It feels like a safe community and there is an air of neighborliness that is priceless when it comes to life as a renter."

- September 2014 by Anonymous